Project Green Entry #2

“Frogs and others in the amphibia class are on their way out unless the conservation community takes immediate action.The amphibia class in general — frogs are just the most populous group of the class, which also includes salamanders and caecilians — has actually been on the decline for some time.” This extinction has nothing to do really with issues with pollution. “Scientists believe the fungus may have begun spreading around the world in the 1940s, when African clawed frogs — one of the only species known to be immune to the effects of the fungus — were shipped around the world for use in medical research, specifically pregnancy testing.” The fungus spread to other frogs because of testing by humans on these animals. “[In order to save the frogs] Amphibian Ark [(a $500million program)] calls on all zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums around the globe each to take in 500 members of at least one species of the amphibian class. The zoo will clean each animal to make sure the fungus doesn’t make it into the protected population, and then isolate the population.” –

Frogs are also used often times for medicinal purposes especially in testing for medication and cures to HIV and painkillers. Human not only do damage tot he Earth by polluting it and cutting down trees. Our disregard for the importance of other species, like the frog, on this Earth are starting to dessimate numbers to the point where future generations may never get to here the sound of a frog croaking.


I saw this frog in a tank at the zoo in the reptile section of the zoo. It's sad to think him and his kind may not be around for much longer.

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