Who Am I?

Danielle Fox (me) AKA National Geographic Woman Photographer #5

My name is Danielle Fox and I am a photographer. Did you know that there have only ever been 4 on-staff women photographers to work for National Geographic… I want to be number 5. This blog is more of a portfolio or online catalog of all my photos as I grow as a photographer and strive to reach my goal. I have always loved photography. I remember my very first camera. It was a Barbie camera that used film and I would take it everywhere and take pictures of absolutely anything until my mom had to tell me that film was not so cheap that she could afford to buy me a new roll a day. Right now I am using a Canon Rebel XT that I bought used from a family member and I am absolutely in love with it. It is my pride and joy as is the art of photography. I think what I love most about photography is how different everything looks from behind a lens. It is like I see things through some kind of a filter and I can already see how the image will look. It feels like there is a whole other world, like another dimension when you look through a lens and real life just isn’t as ordinary as other people find it. The reason I am so obsessed with working for National Geographic, like every other photographer in the world, is the whole experience. You get to travel to far off places, meet people off the beaten track, learn about them, their home, their lifestyle. You get to see, first-hand, things people wouldn’t even imagine exist. Places that exist only in the farthest reaches of some people’s imaginations. I have always been interested in cultures and geography and travel. I would love to do this full-time and get paid to do it. That is the dream.

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